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Tree Cutting – Things to Consider Before Doing it Yourself

There are many reasons you might need to cut down a tree. It could be to clear space for new growth or to remove dead or damaged trees that pose a risk of falling on people and property. Or you may need to cut down a tree in order to harvest timber. Whatever the reason, it’s a job that’s best left to the professionals. But if you’re determined to do it yourself, there are several things you need to consider before getting started.

Firstly, you need to make sure that it’s legal for you to do this. Some local councils require that you have legal notice or permission to cut down a tree. This is particularly true if you are in a Conservation Area or if the tree is subject to a Tree Preservation Order.

It’s also important to ensure that you have the right equipment to do the job. This includes a chainsaw, axe or bow saw and some form of safety gear. This is to protect you from injuries and damage caused by the fall of the tree. This can include a hard hat, protective eyewear and gloves. It’s also a good idea to have a rope ready to use in case the tree falls towards you. This will prevent you from getting cut by the branches and is a useful tool for controlling the fall of the tree.

You should also check that there are no nearby obstructions before beginning the felling process. This includes power lines and any other structures. If a tree is over houses or power lines, it’s best to call in the experts. You should also take the time to walk around and survey the area to see if there are any branches that are likely to fall on you while cutting. These are known as widow makers and can be very dangerous if they catch you.

Next, you need to cut a notch into the trunk of the tree. This should be an open-faced notch that exposes about 80 percent of the trunk’s width. When you’ve made the notch, you should insert the tree-felling wedge into it, pointing at the direction you want the tree to fall. Once the wedge is in place, you can begin to cut into the notch. You’ll need to do this at a steady pace, and don’t stop until the tree begins to fall.

A lot of people think that it’s wrong to cut down healthy trees but this isn’t always the case. Sometimes a tree has to be removed because it’s growing too close to a house or other structure, or its roots are damaging the foundation of the building or causing damage to underground pipes. Other times, it needs to be removed because it’s a danger to people or livestock.

There are also times when a Tree Cutting Sanford needs to be removed because it’s become crowded and is crowding out other trees, preventing them from being able to grow well. By removing these trees, it’s possible to give other healthier trees a chance to thrive.

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